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  • Assigned To erdinç gültekin (circass)
  • Operating System PiSi Linux
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  • Reported Version 1.0
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Opened by Ali Cengiz Kurt (alick) - 2013-10-16
Last edited by Richard (richdb) - 2013-10-16

FS#83 - enlightenment freeze after login

Pisi version RC1. I installed enlightenment desktop with whole rackages I adjusted first time settings and reboot. after reboot and from login screen comes the pink pisilinux screen and a cursor than system freeze . again I deleted ~/.e and I make first adjustment but again system freeze after login.what must I do.
this rows from messages.log

Oct 15 23:25:36 PisiLinux kernel: [ 310.071033] enlightenment_i[780]: segfault at e4 ip 00007f9a0e7ec76f sp 00007fff5e6bf560 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7f9a0e7d0000+40000]
Oct 15 23:26:16 PisiLinux kernel: [ 349.985700] enlightenment_i[913]: segfault at e4 ip 00007f90f32ea76f sp 00007fffc47aa3d0 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7f90f32ce000+40000]
Oct 15 23:26:37 PisiLinux kernel: [ 370.707758] enlightenment_i[978]: segfault at e4 ip 00007f96c376d76f sp 00007fffc4a49790 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7f96c3751000+40000]
Oct 15 23:34:42 PisiLinux kernel: [ 856.119807] enlightenment_i[1044]: segfault at e4 ip 00007ff0cc60076f sp 00007fffaa983920 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7ff0cc5e4000+40000]
Oct 15 23:35:18 PisiLinux kernel: [ 891.535916] enlightenment_i[1144]: segfault at e4 ip 00007fe82297476f sp 00007fffbeedcec0 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7fe822958000+40000]
Oct 15 23:37:43 PisiLinux kernel: [ 1036.663323] enlightenment_i[1355]: segfault at e4 ip 00007f47e05bc76f sp 00007fffda301760 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7f47e05a0000+40000]
Oct 15 23:40:06 PisiLinux kernel: [ 1179.225690] enlightenment_i[1421]: segfault at e4 ip 00007f0d491da76f sp 00007fff3bb048f0 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7f0d491be000+40000]
Oct 15 23:42:36 PisiLinux kernel: [ 1329.511784] enlightenment_i[1496]: segfault at e4 ip 00007f6841fe176f sp 00007fff751a5320 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7f6841fc5000+40000]
Oct 15 23:45:14 PisiLinux kernel: [ 1487.726695] cron[1632]: segfault at 7f239ac5a000 ip 00007f239a524d9a sp 00007fff0b9a6640 error 7 in libc-2.17.so[7f239a496000+1c0000]
Oct 15 23:47:05 PisiLinux kernel: [ 1598.570929] enlightenment_i[2532]: segfault at e4 ip 00007fa9c437a76f sp 00007ffff77b09a0 error 4 in libecore_x.so.1.7.8[7fa9c435e000+40000]

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Richard (richdb)
Wednesday, 16 October 2013, 21:38 GMT
Maybe need a rebuild?
Ali Cengiz Kurt (alick)
Friday, 18 October 2013, 10:19 GMT
ı rebuild 86 packages and tried every option at wizard. but enlightenment desktop doesn't start. other bug is mobile broadband connection option doesn't exist in econmann there is only wired and wifi option
Ali Cengiz Kurt (alick)
Friday, 18 October 2013, 15:38 GMT
Lisa I installed only this packages Eet Evas Ecore Eio Embryo Edje Efreet E_Dbus Eeze Emotion Ethumb Elementary Enlightenment from testing repo. Now enlightment desktops start.